Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 7 - LOTR Shire Design, Caricatures, and some Letterbrush

I'm working on a concept for a Lord of the Rings Theme Park. Currently I'm working on section of the park that is the "Shire." (As a portfolio piece - not the real thing.)

Rough Sketch. Focusing more on the CONTENT and IDEAS rather than artistic principles.
Fleshing it out in a tighter line sketch
Doing some graphic value studies to show a clear read.
Blocked in color masses as separate layers in photoshop. Colors are okay, but values are boring.
Did a lighting study in photoshop. Trying to get the masses of light and dark to be like puzzle shapes. I like this look, feels a lot like a charcoal drawing.

Doing some caricatures! XDF
Wreck it Ralph & Street Fighter.

Jack Sparrow and Mermaid. Iron Man. 

Some name paintings.