Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby Shower Caricatures

Sorry I haven't update this blog in a long time. A while ago I drew caricatures at my friend's baby shower to entertain the other guests and let them keep the drawings. This was pretty fun because I got to interact with and draw people of all different ages. It was definitely an eye opener to see the different personalities of people and how they react to your drawing.

This is a little baby that is drawn as a monkey.

This is a kid whose family members were making fun of how skinny he was. He was  quite pleased when I drew him as a body builder. He hung it up on the refrigerator right away!

This is a funny gal who wanted to have a beer in a her hand.

Drawing these two pretty girls was harder than I thought! I thought it would be easy - but I realized that if my drawing didn't look better than what they looked like in real life - it would seem like I did a bad job...

This kid was moving around like crazy! Short attention span. However, the drawing came out pretty good and I was quite pleased with the result. 

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