Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Reflection Video

Just some boring personal stuff. 

2011 Summary:
- Freelance Jobs- horrible lifestyle - no human interaction.
- Disneyland Job - name painting
- Anime Expo & Comic Con
- Took lots of art classes. (fun!)
     - Watts Atelier. Figure Drawing
     - Studio 2nd street. ron lemon.
     - Glen Orbick @ 3kicks
- Movement Lifestyle. 

Spend too much time working. Not content. Obsessed with work and "limitless." Shocked by "Toy Story" incident at CMU in April. 

New Resolutions:
1) Balance Life.
2) Patience
3) Martial Arts
4) PUA lifestyle - girlfriend + hang out with friends
5) Concept Art to pro level. (concept art world. Art Center 8th Term)

2011 Reflection (Posted on Facebook)

December 31, 2011 at 9:51pm
Man... I hate facebook. I feel like what facebook does is tell me how much fun I'm NOT having today, which metropolitan cities I'm NOT at, what parties I did NOT go to. So depressing...

Anyways - reflection time.
In 2011, I worked in 8 sketchbooks. sketchbooks 20-28.
As a freelance concept artist, I worked on 5 game titles, 1 short film.

Art classes
1) landscape painting - Jackson Sze CDA
2) Head Drawing - Glen Orbik 3 Kicks
3) Expression - Karl Gnass Animation Guild
4) Outdoor sketching - Eric Gist Watts
5) Outdoor Figure - Ron Lemen Studio 2nd Street
6) Oil Plein Air - Tom Brown IFC
7) Environment Design - James Paick Kazone
8) Digital Painting - Robh Ruppel CDA
9) Charcoal Head Drawing - Nathan Fowkes LAAFA
10) Color for Environment - Nathan Fowkes CDA
11) TAD workshop - online
12) Steve Houston Workshop 3 Kicks

On paper, it seems like I've had a really good year. It's been awesome. However, I just feel really shitty. And because I have all these really blessed opportunities, I feel shitty about feeling shitty because I feel like I should be more happy and grateful!

so yea.. i have a stable job now. it's nice. as i'm writing this.. i'm thinking. who is my audience? am i writing to myself? or someone else reading this? i doubt anyone will read this.

Resolutions for next year
1) Balance your life (social, work, family, health etc...)
2) Be the best version of yourself (don't compare with others)
3) learn martial arts (cuz it's cool, and i think it's cool)
4) Be more patient (everyone needs this. what's most lacking about this generation)
5) Get your art to a higher more professional level (market yourself, more finished originals, art competitions)

yeah.. seriously.. facebook sucks now. wtf is all these friends lists.. no wonder i kept deactivating facebook. what is all this new shit.

just a note.. if you got offended about something i said - go fuck yourself.

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