Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Head Painting/ Head Drawing (Reilly Method, Glen Orbik, Asian Girls, Gesture Drawings)

Woah - it's been a while since a posted! Got a new job recently, I have been really really busy. It also means I've accumulated lots of good stuff over the weeks to show you guys. 

Naila at Courbet Art Circle
Preliminary Study for Painting
Paul at LCAD workshop
Preliminary study for Paul. Doing a lot of Reilly rhythms on this piece. Going for a Leyendecker look.
These are some photograph studies. where I'm paying attention to the bigger shapes. Instead of copying the photo, I'm studying, interpreting and designing the shapes on the photographs (even changing things to make it "read" and "look" better.  
Aye Hasegawa - Dope dancer (

Left is a Zhang Lu study. Right is a Korean girl from makeup ad. 
Stacy Walker at 3Kicks Fine Arts Studio

Head Figure Quick Sketch
Gesture Drawings - Anime Expo, Barnes and Nobles. Working on Basic shapes.
Doing studies based on stuff I read in a Mark McDonnel's book (The Art and Feel of Making it Real)

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