Thursday, April 21, 2011

The New Me

Last week I visited my college: Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I was there for 5 days. I was pretty nervous before my flight; I was pretty anxious to see how my weekend would turn out. My experience was nothing close to what I expected. I actually didn't spend much time with old friends.  I wasn't planning on working on Booth - but I did. That ended up being the most memorable and fun part of my weekend - and meeting the new generation of ASA Board.

Day 1 Wed - Get to Pittsburgh. Tired. Meet new ASA board. Check out Cages/ Midway. Sleep.
Day 2  Thurs - Work on Booth. Opening Ceremony is today. We get an extension of 24 hours.
Day 3 Friday - Work on Booth some more. Full-out Capacity. Judging is today.
Day 4 Saturday - Meet friends with lunch. Awards Ceremony. ASA Board Dinner. Carnival Party.
Day 5 Sunday - Family Brunch with Mentees. Fly back to California. 

Those 5 days of Carnival made me realize that I've been lying to myself. During these couple of days, I was working 12-14 hour days, pushing my physical and mental boundaries. I ended up making a pretty good contribution to the Booth. I realized that this strenuous lifestyle made me fulfilled and happy. These is what I do for FUN!

What I've been doing in California is basically working 4-6 hour days and getting tired. That's bullshit. I thought that was I was my limits, but that's such a lie. I'm capable of so much more. I love working on something for 8-12 hours a day. I love being outside and getting a lot of sunshine. I enjoy the healthy benefits of physical labor. I love working hard and accomplishing things. 

Here's what you will expect to see on this blog:
- 1000 environments
- Super awesome website update (
- Cool and Abundant works on my Etsy shop (
- New Youtube Channel with really interesting videos
- Better artwork and more of it overall

Here are some goals I've laid out for myself:
- make my life more exciting and accomplish a lot more shit (train 12-14 hour workdays)
- wake up earlier (6am - sleep 10pm), be more focused, have a stronger mental and physical frame
- put yourself out there, take risks, get rejected (MAKE MISTAKES!)
- really know and do what you want and go for it

ASA Booth 2011: Toy Story

ASA Board 2011: Great meeting you guys!

Game Room Clutch Team 
Design, Production & Installation - something that usually takes 3 months was done in about 24 hours. 

Kiva Han - one of my favorite places to eat.

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