Monday, February 14, 2011

Gouache Paintings

Landscape Painting at Irvine Park

Scott Christensen Master Studies

Environments from Life

Eaton Canyon

Eaton Canyon with Paintover by Jackson Sze

Nathan Fowkes Color Workshop. I paid $170 and drove 1.5 hours from Irvine to LA to learn from this guy. I thought I was dedicated for driving that far, but the first dude I met at the workshop drove here from Tennessee.  Other people flew here from Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto. Holy crap. 1.5 hours is nothing. 

Nathan talked about the different emotional perceptions of color. He talked about how limited the values are in a painting vs real life. He covered harmonizing colors. He showed us his exercises for doing color studies. We used two colors as a base and created very abstract color compositions. Finally we did a painting of a costumed model with multiple colored lights. The one above had a yellow and a purple light. I think I got the color theory part of the workshop. But I'm really limited by my experience with the gouache medium. 

Therefore, I decided to do some basic drills. I can do this all day with marker, but it's a lot more difficult with gouache. The value range is much less finite. And the paint changes value after it dries.

1st attempt

2nd and 3rd attempt

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