Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Six Servants Dramaturgy

I'm creating designs for a story called TheSix Servants, by the Brother's Grimm. Last year, my roommate gave me a comic book version of a bunch of Grimm Fairy tales, and one I really liked was called the "Six Servants." I've actually read that story when I was about 5 years old, except it was based on another tale called "How Six Men Got On in the World." The stories are pretty similar, perhaps they are different versions of each other.

I've spent some time analyzing the historical content of the Brother's Grimm fairy tales. If you read these stories, you will realize it is very gory. It is no coincidence that the French Revolution was going on at the time, in addition to wars between Germany and France. It was a bloody time. Also, these stories all have some kind of moral to them. I'm making it a top priority to convey the moral in my adaptation of that fairy tale. I'll do that by making the characters relatable to the modern audience.

"The Six Servants" is an unusual story. 1) It is not gory like the others. 2) Even though there is a prince, he is not the protagonist.

In theater, a protagonist is defined as the character who undergoes the most change in the story. The protagonist are the 6 servants. In the beginning, they were freaks of nature sitting in the forest doing nothing. However, they use their diverse talents and work together to help the prince defeat the queen and gain the princess. In the end, the servants become very important. The antagonist is the queen. She is the one who challenges the prince and the servants with the tasks.

Thus, the message of the story is: even though you are someone who is weird, you might do important things someday. I think the way to make this story relate to the audience is to make the 6 servants characters that the audience can see themselves being. The fat kid, the tall lanky kid, the kid with the temperature disorder, the kid with the bad eyesight etc...

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  1. I read Grimm's fairy tales this summer. I remember liking that one :)