Monday, August 10, 2009



I took the thumbnails that were chosen in class and took them into grayscale. But even as I render it - I feel like something is fundamentally wrong.
I feel like the Godzilla isn't that threatening. The Predator isn't that dangerous. And the Frankenstein looks kind of silly. Do you guys have any tips?



  1. Needs more detail. and I don't mean like a render. I mean like how is the spider leg constructed? is there a hard shell and a meaty underside? how will that change your tone study? The spider looks awkward because it's pretty mcuh a freaking ant body with a tiny like.. zerg head on it or something. The silhouette isfine, but I'm not diggin the details /breakdown of the silhouette. It's so... pudgy/round. More spindly, dynamic. When I think of it I think I wouldn't want to be caught under its legs or its venom, it'll be all gross and slimy. so try to express that somehow.

    Honestly the silhouettes are actually really nice. I think the realization needs some work. It is very flat. Looks like a middle schooler rendering, you know? Squint your eyes and then try to bring out the parts that you want to draw attention to. The predator's underdeveloped front leg sticks out a lot/// put more attention to it. Maybe he's got pipes running all over his body to pass his body fluids or life support or something. Maybe he has some sick mask. His weapon doesn't really look badass either.

    I might put the wheelchair guy's head a little lower to give him moer of that hunched over feeling. Like he's always in pain and wanting to attack everyone. his midsection is really relaly really flat. Dont just put clothes on him. Show us how he was attached onto the wheels. Screws? Welded? Stitched?

  2. thanks for the badass crits man. i knew i could count on you.