Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chipotle Sucks

Chiptole has a promotion where you buy a $30 gift card and receive a free burrito. My mom bought 2 $30 gift cards and redeemed her "free" burritos - except she was charged for the burritos on her gift card. The next time time she used the gift card - she realized something was not right - the balance of the gift card was only $9.80. When she talked to the store manager Karl - he was unapologetic and did not admit there was a mistake. He even asked my mom to bring back her credit card statement - even after my mom went through all this trouble - he still did not refund her the money nor acknowledge the mistake.

Can you imagine if she gave out these gift cards as gifts and there was missing balance on the card? Why is Chipotle running this promotion and offering "free" burritos when they are just going to charge for them? I guess they just want your money and want buy their crummy gift cards.. that's all.

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